The EXC17 Vs the XC68 Spoon Excavator

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If you are looking for a good spoon excavator, read on. We will take a look at the EXC17 and the XC68. The EXC17 has dual 1.2mm spoon tips, while the XC68 has a single 1.2mm spoon tip. We'll also go over why you should get the EXC17. Here are some benefits of both models. You can pick the spoon excavator based on your needs.


The XC68 spoon excavator has a curved surface and is a popular option for demolition of decay in the mouth. The large curved surface allows for a wide range of excavation jobs, from broad-scale decay to smaller, micro-dental preparations. It is available in three different sizes and can be easily adjusted to fit various work environments. Here are some of its main features:

The size of the XC68 spoon excavator is determined by the size of the tooth cavity to be excavated. The smallest spoon excavator is used to remove soft caries in smaller cavities, while the medium and large spoon excavators are used to dig deeper in larger cavities. The medium and large sizes are used to excavate tooth cavities and remove excess glass-ionomer materials.


The EXC17 spoon excavator is a versatile tool that removes debris and decay in cavities. It features two spoon tips with 1.2mm diameters and a silicone handle. Shipped from Texas, the EXC17 can be used for a variety of purposes. It ships directly from the manufacturer, so you can expect it to arrive quickly. After you place your order, the product will be shipped within 4 business days.

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