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Tooth gems are popular cosmetic treatments for teeth. However, they can cause damage in the long run. This article will examine the different types of tooth gems, how they are applied, and their safety and life span. We will also look at how they can affect your teeth. Here are some ways to choose the right tooth gem for you. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of tooth gems. If you want to learn more about these treatments, read on!

Procedures for applying them

Tooth gems are applied to teeth to entice people to take good care of their teeth. The longevity of tooth gems depends on how well you maintain them, and the type of diet you follow can affect the longevity of the gems. Generally, tooth gems are applied to incisors, and the longevity of the gems depends on the location. Some of the procedures for applying tooth gems include dental suction, removal with a small drill, or surgery. In cases where a tooth gem has damaged the tooth, reconstruction may be required.

Before applying tooth gems, you must clean your teeth thoroughly. If you are unable to clean your teeth thoroughly, you should contact a dentist. In many cases, you can use at-home kits. Make sure the kit is created by a dental expert. After you have cleaned and prepped your teeth, you should apply dental composite glue to the gems and adhere them to the teeth. The dental glue will then cure under a UV light. Once the glue has dried, you must clean the tooth thoroughly.

Once the gems have been prepared, the next step is bonding them. This is painless and requires little or no anesthesia. You will need a tooth to etch to prepare the teeth, and then dental composite glue will be applied to place the gem. Once the dental composite is hardened, the procedure takes about fifteen minutes. If you have several teeth to cover, you can opt for multiple gems during the same appointment.

If you decide to use tooth gems, be sure to consult with a dental practitioner who specializes in this procedure. These professionals are highly trained and use the finest quality crystals and charms. They will also use dental-grade products for the procedure, so they will last for a long time. If you don't like the appearance of tooth gems, you can remove them yourself. Just remember to floss around them!

Materials used

Tooth gems are semi-permanent tooth adornments. These beauties are placed without drilling or shots. The tooth is prepared for the gem by a bonding agent and etchant, and the tooth gem is secured with a small amount of dental composite. The same material is used for fillings. If you're considering tooth gems, it's important to know that they can last from four months to four years.

Tooth gems can be professionally installed by a dental professional, but the procedure is still relatively easy to do yourself. Many dental professionals use high-quality materials and dental-grade adhesive. To avoid damaging the tooth enamel, opt for a dental professional. You can also do it at home yourself using a DIY kit. The materials you need are similar to those used for nail gems, so you can choose which type is best for you.

Tooth gems are also safe for your teeth. Dental technicians will use a biocompatible alloy for intraoral use. This means that your dental jewelry will not damage your teeth. In addition, custom-made teeth jewelry will not require any drilling. And because dental jewels are custom-made, it will be easier to fit them in the mouth than other types of jewelry. Therefore, they're the best option for people who want to enhance their smiles.

Depending on the type of gemstone used, tooth gems cost anywhere from $30 to a hundred dollars. However, you should note that these costs do not include the fees charged by a qualified clinic. For example, high-quality crystals and metals are typically more expensive than cheaper alternatives, which means that you should expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $100 for your tooth gem. For this type of dental work, you'll likely need to undergo several visits to ensure you're getting the best results.


Tooth gems are popular and fun, but there are some important precautions you should take before you begin wearing them. First of all, they may not be suitable for everyone, as they can interfere with brushing and can trap food and bacteria. Normally, you should brush your teeth after wearing tooth gems, but if you have newly mounted ones, you should brush more gently. After all, your teeth are still relatively soft, and if you're not careful, you might damage them.

Tooth gems are a fun way to personalize your smile. They can even be used to cover up missing teeth. However, before you begin wearing tooth gems, you should talk to a dentist about the benefits and risks. Your dentist can tell you how much your teeth will be affected by the gems, as well as how to safely care for them. Knowing what to look for will help prevent any future dental problems. Your dentist can also help you choose which gems are suitable for you.

Tooth gems can be applied easily with the help of bonding material that is similar to composites. This bonding material is cured using UV light. Once it has bonded with your tooth, your Kirkland dentist can remove it. After removing the gem, he will clean the tooth surface underneath and polish the surface of the gem. Tooth gems are often removed by a dentist, and they are safe to remove.

Tooth gems may be painful to some people, so be sure to choose a smooth stone. Keeping your mouth open will prevent it from being inhaled. However, if you happen to bite too hard, you may inadvertently inhale the gem, which could irritate your tissue and cause it to pop off. The safety of tooth gems depends on the type of tooth gem you have and how well you care for it.


The lifespan of tooth gems varies widely. Some last as long as four months, while others may keep them for a year or longer. Whether a tooth gem remains on a person's teeth permanently is another question. It all depends on several factors, including dental hygiene and the health of the tooth enamel. A patient should seek the advice of a dental professional before opting to wear a tooth gem.

While the gems themselves aren't harmful, they can cause a number of problems, which may include the occurrence of a cavity or a bacterial infection. This can occur as a result of poor oral hygiene, which can lead to tooth decay. In addition to being uncomfortable, tooth gems can trap bacteria in the area where the teeth and the gem meet. It is therefore important to brush teeth with care and avoid using electric toothbrushes and hard food for a day or two after installation.

Teeth gems can be attached to teeth with dental adhesive. While this means that no permanent damage will be done to the teeth, the gems can leave a dazzling impression on a person's smile. They also add a touch of sparkle to pearly white teeth. For this reason, tooth gems are considered an investment that can add beauty to a smile. So, what's the downside of getting a tooth gem?

Thankfully, tooth gems can last for a long time with proper care. As long as you keep your teeth clean and visit your dentist regularly, your tooth jewelry should stay on for at least six months. They can be a great way to enhance the smile of men and women alike. You can also remove them yourself with the use of a cuticle clipper or by going to your dentist. The only downside to using tooth gems is that they can make teeth susceptible to cavities, which are extremely hard to treat.


Teeth gems vary in price depending on the material used. Typically, a single tooth gem costs between $30 and $100 USD. You may also have to pay more for gold or platinum gems. Gems can also add sparkle to a smile. Some dental practices use acrylic or cubic zirconia tooth gems. To learn more about tooth gems, visit our FAQ page. Also, keep in mind that tooth gems are not for everyone.

Teeth gems are typically attached to a tooth using the same procedures that white fillings are applied to. The dental office applies a bonding agent to the tooth to secure the gem. Most gems have a surface texture to help the resin latch onto them. Your dentist will also polish your tooth after the process is complete. The process requires no numbing or painkillers. While you can wear tooth gems for a lifetime, it's important to consult with a dental professional before getting one.

Tooth gems are also removable. The procedure is painless and requires no drilling. The gem is bonded to the tooth using non-abrasive dental glue. If you don't like the look of a tooth gem, you can remove it yourself. You don't need a dentist to remove a tooth gem, but a dentist can remove it without leaving any mark on the tooth. This process doesn't last for more than thirty minutes, and it won't damage your tooth.

Tooth gems are a great way to increase the beauty of your smile. If you are considering a permanent solution, a dental office can give you a consultation and recommend tooth gems that are safe and affordable for your budget. Most dental clinics offer free consultations to answer any questions you may have. In addition to enhancing your smile, tooth gems can be an excellent investment. It's important to make sure your dentist has the experience and knowledge to make your smile more beautiful.


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